nighttime, beer

I didn’t post yesterday because I couldn’t remember anything, but last night’s dreams prompted me to remember that the night before I dreamt about being at Williams and it was nighttime and I was walking through the Greylock quad, which in the dream was a single urban-style building with a courtyard open to multiple directions. I think it was wintry. This must have arisen from all the recent thinking I’ve been doing about urban buildings.

Last night’s dreams prompted me to remember this because last night I was again at Williams at night and this time I was biking east across campus on Main St. Interestingly, the whole campus was of a more urban density than IRL. As I was biking through, I met Tyler, who I could just barely recognize because it was so dark out, and we said hi to each other. At another point, I was walking back to Garfield with Century during the daytime and we were talking about the enthusiastic way a certain professor we know walks. (Guess.) I have forgotten the chronology of the dreams, but I think some of it took place in the Newman Room and some of it in a building in the Odd Quad or at least in the southeast corner of campus, with a bunch of people around in each place, again at night, possibly continuous with the biking scene.

At another point, I was at home packing my red travel bag with snacks for a trip; said snacks included several bottles of beer, which I took the caps off of before putting in the bag to make more convenient to drink them on the road, I guess?? This was problematic because when they tipped over in the bag, some beer would spill out. I don’t know why my id is telling me to drink in the car. This is marginally embarrassing. (I didn’t actually drink any of the beer, though, I know that much.) So, moving on, at another point I was in a house that seems like it was in Hancock, but it was not my own house, although maybe it was in the same place? I don’t remember much about it. Finally, at some point I was driving (with open containers? you be the judge) up to the base of a mountain to the east and I think I parked there.

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