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In a dream, I and the others staying in my hostel room woke up too late on a morning during the XC Canada trip to make the start of the morning run, so when we woke up we had to run all over the city (probably MontrĂ©al) to find the others. We eventually found Pete and other runners at a spot having, it would seem, a “van brunch” except the food was stationed in a surprisingly large pickup truck bed.

At another time I went outside and the red maple leaves had ALL fallen and were totally blanketing the front lawn. (This stems from my continued noticing that red maples have an early-in-the-season life while oaks seem to be correspondingly late in the season.) It was just after sunset, and it was breezy and brisk, and I frolicked around kicking the leaves up into the air. At another point it was 8AM and I’d gotten up already and I watched the sun rise. It was late for a sunrise. IRL I have been noting the quickly decreasing amount of daylight for much of this month.

architecture, school

I won a competition within my architecture class, I guess, to design a renovation of my architecture prof’s rather extensive and convoluted house. It mostly involved enlarging dormers on a roof tower contained in a courtyard and putting in a long hanging tapestry inside the tower. I am not too clear on the design process because the dream’s action started with the changes all complete and people congratulating me on the design. Some important publication gave it a good review and that was posted on a poster that I think was sort of the same proportions as the tapestry and was hung near it.

At another point I was with a bunch of Williams friends on a sunny summer midmorning in a pretty vacant urban area and we started to play a WOOLF-style bonding game on a north-south street, facing one another in two rows, but I had to go get my sunglasses. So I went into the building to the left where we were all staying I guess, maybe it was our dorm, and all sorts of stuff happened and time passed and by the time I got back out it was a winter’s twilight around 4PM. Rob, Surekha and I drove up Chapin Hall Drive in a van – it was very difficult not to scrape the crowds of cars and people on it – and got out and walked into the Frosh Quad, where there was a bus letting out hordes of little kids who were attending elementary school in Williams Hall.

At other points, I was cooking some pretty great soup in my kitchen with several people I didn’t know, and it was pretty gray and dim out (like yesterday IRL) and the only other scene I remember at all well is that I was in my dorm and it was organized around a stairwell that spiralled around in a block of straight segments, and one guy I was living next to had a guitar and amp out in the common room that I could play, and then other people were packing their rooms up to vacate, I think. After I woke up to noises of a mouse chewing stuff in my bedroom, I had lots of semi-conscious dreams, some of which were surprisingly odd for being able to consciously realize they were dreams.

Where did…

1. the mountains go
2. where’d they go guys
3. for real

Where are
1. the windows on this house
2. does this house have more than 1 window
3. no

Back from Maine (whence the above pictures). 8 nights of much sleep and many dreams. Highlights: 1. one night I just kept meeting up with people from before college all through the dreams 2. on a recent night I dreamt I was pressing at a flat white plasticky surface and when I pushed it together it made a curvy black pressure border while a dude, whose identity I forget, played “Rockin’ in the Free World” in the vicinity. This is bizarre.

high road

I rode in a small car to somewhere, maybe a restaurant, and then left again sitting in a different seat. It was night then, but a little later in the ride it was daytime and we were driving south on an interstate in Maine on a gray wintry day and the road was elevated quite a way above the ground, which made it a little nervewracking. I noticed after a while that there were actually two road levels; we were on the upper one and the lower one was on the ground. Our roadway kept gradually getting higher and higher off the ground till it was probably more than 30′ up.

Eventually we got to some college in Maine and I was inside maybe a kitchen/living room of a dorm and there were a bunch of students there, some of whom I knew and some I didn’t. It was sort of nighttimish again then. That morphed into an excursion in some dark woods that the sunlight hardly got into, with other people around, and that turned out to be a live-action Adult Swim program I was watching broadcast on a laptop.

The last thing I dreamt before waking up is that I was shaving at our cabin in Maine and shifted positions to be on the other side of the thing (a cabinet post maybe) that was obstructing a straight view to the mirror.


There was something to do with a restaurant that a school group or something like that that I was a part of went to and it was outside in the late afternoon/early evening on an eastward-facing slope. There’s a bunch more stuff that I don’t remember anymore too.

I do more clearly remember a part near the end of the night where I was on a southward-facing slope, earlier in the afternoon, and it was winter and snow-covered, and people were sliding down the hill without sleds. It was sort of icy, but smooth, so that you just slid a superb distance. The slope bottomed out at the B&G parking lot, which was still all snow-covered, and I think there was a chairlift base at the bottom or something. Anyway, I slid down and once I got down to the flats I just kept zipping along on my back, next to B&G and then curving around the building and continuing next to Latham St before I finally stopped. That was fun.


Only about 6 hours’ worth of dreams last night because I had to get up at 6:15 to have breakfast before an 8:30 road race. IT IS SO FRIGGING GREAT TO BE UP RIGHT NOW ESPECIALLY SINCE IT TOOK ME A WHILE TO GET TO SLEEP. Anyway. I actually remember quite a bit and some of it you may find grippingly odd.

Before I went to the bathroom in the middle of the night. I’ve forgotten most stuff from then except being in an area of a rock-strewn river that went underneath a big road; I think it was probably a dream version of the Green River, but the rest of the setting wasn’t Williamstown. There were other people there too and we were exploring the river, it would seem.

After I went to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Oh man, it really picks up here guys. I was at a hotel on a waterfront on a gray day, looking east out over the ocean. The hotel stood alone for buildings, and then right next to it (it was built up on a high concrete wharf) were docks and stuff. Fritz Wetherbee came along with an unwieldy telescope on a swiveling center and almost lugged it right into the water. His hat did fall into the water, and the camera angle changed to a water-surface-level view of same. The hotel was made out of stone and was shaped like a gigantic letter M.

Then I was inside the hotel and it was pretty spartan and cabin-like inside, with the rooms sided and floored with plywood. There were two main rooms, the lobbyish room and a livingish room next to it, and one guy I knew (possibly a high school teacher of mine) sat on the couch and was all “Wow, two living rooms. I wish my house was like that.” C’mon, it’s a gigantic M-hotel, man. Of course it’s gonna have two living rooms.

The hotel had two pairs of staircases, I think, one pair being the main ones, that went up through the sides of the M, and the other pair being ones that went up each side of the V of the M, at the base of which was the lobby. Someone mentioned that these smaller stairs could be pretty claustrophobic (though used a different word that I can’t recall). I started exploring up them and found that on each floor, there was a very low (4′ high or less) opening off the stairwell into the suite there, and there was an antechamber before the bedroom in the suite, which also had a very low ceiling. Agreed; claustrophobic indeed.

I eventually I guess got up to a suite and went into it and needed to take a shower; the tub was right in the room, though it had a curtain (what is with these recent non-private bathroom facilities), and also it was right next to the wall, which had a bunch of windows, and people were parked right outside the windows in cars, and some were definitely looking in the window. (So I guess it was actually a multi-story motel. That must be the cause of the M-shape.) Then people started coming in from the outside, and soon there was a whole gaggle of people in the room. They cleared out after a while, but I noticed it was getting real close to 8:30, which was the start of the road race, and so I had to abrogate my shower and quickly descend the stairs down to the start; that would have to suffice as my warmup, rather than the running of the entire 5K course as a warmup as I had planned to do. As I was leaving, the suite was actually the room of some Williams classmates. Speaking of road races and getting ready for them, I actually need to do that right now, and luckily this narrative is already done.


Lots of scattered dreams last night, I think, and I have been so distracted by webcomics that I’ve forgotten all of them. This post is sort of pointless, I suppose.

Edit: Is retardation spreading from my dream journal to the WordPress hub? Every time I press “Publish” since a few days ago it saves as a draft as if I’d pushed “Save” instead. WTF. In addition today when I pressed “Publish” a window said “Are you sure you want to edit this post?” and I’m all WHAT I JUST PRESSED PUBLISH WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT, WORDPRESS and pressed “No” and now I’m back here editing this draft that it saved. Is anyone else having problems like this?

10 hours of dreams

Long sleep, lots of dreams. Let’s see what I can remember:

1. There was some performance outside on a gradual eastward-facing slope on a clear evening just after sunset, and a lot of people I knew were there watching it; afterwards, leaving, I and others exited through my high school and I really had to go to the bathroom and luckily found that room 117 had a urinal, although it was less private than really desirable as there was a glass window to the hallway directly above said urinal and all along the rest of the wall. Moving right along…

2. I seem to have already forgotten everything else. Why was it the most TMI episode that stuck in my mind? I will add to this if I remember anything more.


I seemda be in a P.M.-posting rut. Anyway, I feel like last night’s dreams were rather epically voyagey, that there was some outdoor trip with a bunch of people and then later there was a different fairly extended trip to a crisp place like the Rockies or something with the WXC team (Kathleen was there, in particular), and connected with this latter trip I found myself with a diffuse group of fellow trippers at a home/school/storage place where I had a bunch of my belongings stashed while on the trip. Later I was with people on campus and it was nighttime and I found $5 (no I didn’t).


Hey oops! Here I am wanting to go to bed again and I only just now remember to finish writing up my dreams from last night. Here they are. The bulk of what I have remembered has to do with being in different vehicles.

1. I was driving with my mom and I got to a big intersection at which I had to turn left, and it was a darn tough time getting into the left-only lane/box.

2. I was riding in the back seat of the car with my parents in the front and I was holding my aunt’s dog, which was a pug. The pug was quite friendly and licked me on the face.

3. I was riding in the second row of a van with some SMALL people (not small people).

4. I was at a Swiss-like inn with my parents, and at one point there it was nighttime.

5. I was in a parking lot out of the parked car, and my parents were running an errand or something so I pulled over a trailer that needed to be attached to the car all by myself.

6. It was wintry and I was in the Science Quad with sunglasses on because even though it was overcast the snow was really glary and then I went into Clark Hall for the first session of some class that was taught by one of my architecture profs and the classroom looked like the interior of Tunnel City except facing north rather than east and there were rows of computers there too.