1. I was driving toward Boston and the city’s infrastructure on approach was basically condensed to 2 4-way stop intersections; one apparently was the suburbs intersection and the next one was the very center of the city.

2. I went to Williams, as I should be doing this evening, and
a. I was visiting the botany class and took a grammar test along with the actual class members;
b. I was at an outside hangout on a lawn with a building to the west, trees to the south, and Water St to the east, and was catching up with sixth-grade teachers from my middle school; it was a lightly overcast day and breezy;
c. I was getting into my pyjamas and it was about 9:30 and this was at my bedside at home even though I was at school, and I realized I had forgotten to pick Neal up and was all “alack how could I be so stupid.”

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