war games

Special Williamstown edition. I did not dream about pronunciation reform last night, although I did think about it a lot going to bed. There was a bunch of stuff going on in my dreams but kind of all I remember at this point is:

1. Hancock’s Old Home Days 5K had its route changed for the 2nd time in a year and people thought this was a stupid idea. Which it was.

2. There was a bus, or was it a motel, and some people were maybe travelling somewhere, and at one point it was stormy, and at another point it was like they were filming a studio shot on top of the bus/train within some sort of semi-open building and the light was all blue and purple, but something was going wrong? This is what happens when you sleep in a hot room, people.

3. I was driving with my parents in the car and part of the trip was getting from Nashua to Keene and when I turned left at one particular intersection, a police car was oncoming in its left lane, i.e. headed straight for me, but I got by it, and then the road seemed to turn into a gravel pit with people, including small children, playing medieval war games! I think this is a metaphor for the construction on Hoxsey St. Especially the small children.

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