transit & real estate

Just a coupla things:

1. I was on the T and found that the Blue Line took two hours to get to the end of. I was like “What!! I can’t commute to downtown from East Boston like this every day where am I ever going to be able to afford to live” and there were all kinds of weird vertical stripe effects on the trains or something.

2. I was at Sam‘s house and it was a largish house on a sizable wooded lot from which you couldn’t see any other houses, and this was bizarre to me because I thought the area would have been more built-up, and I was all “Whoa this place must be all kinds of expensive.” Why did I have these kinds of dreams? Probably because I was researching Boston housing just before bed last night and my brain must have connected to this post in some odd way while asleep. Anyway, at Sam’s house, beside the separate multiple-bay unpainted barnboard garage, there was a terrarium inhabited by what looked at first like a sea cucumber but eventually it was a bird, and it was called a phaeton.

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