Hey this time I remember a Whole Lot from my dreams so I am writing right after coming downstairs and here we go, here is what I remember in chronological order:

1. There was some kind of picnic, I think at a beachy/woodsy area, and it seemed to be an XC picnic, as there were people from both Conval and Williams XC there. One could get food at a kind of small deli building nearby that had black walls.

2. Later I was watching a video update on Something Awful that of course eventually seemed such that I was actually within the action, but anyway it was a live-action video involving a squirrel and another animal (maybe another squirrel) that were in a tree in the west end of a sort of small park enclosed on all sides by wire fence, inside a large town or city I infer, and they were threatened by sundry much larger animals at the other end of the park that included a squirrel-like creature the size of a large bear (it was kind of more bear- or at least otter-like in shape too) and maybe some apes. This morphed into being at my cabin in Maine and inspecting a row of a large assortment of smallish primates, all sitting obediently next to each other. Then those kind of disappeared from the subject matter and instead my dad was washing dishes but some water was too hot so he smarted away from it and I jumped over and caught a whole fillet of uneaten peanut chicken before it fell into the washwater. What! Then my mom turned on one of the gas overhead lights.

3. I was walking east/south in the general area of the parking lot south of Walden St and west of Spring St in Williamstown with Colin Baker dressed in his Sixth Doctor costume. I amusedly pondered aloud what people who saw him dressed in that during filming of Doctor Who would have thought was going on with him (if you’re well-acquainted with Doctor Who you’ll get my gist). He replied with some sympathetic but not quite comprehensible answer. This was in a cool almost-winter season in the early evening twilight. By the time we got to Spring St, which was by then Main St of Hancock at the bandstand, it was dark night and it was summertime. Everyone had their bikes there and was leaving. I bid Colin Baker adieu and he rode away on his bike, and then I rode away on mine too. There were a bunch of people from high school there too. I think I woke up and fell back asleep possibly at this point; at any rate the dream continued afterward that my dad and I were biking up the parking lot of the Town Office Building in Hancock, still in the same area of Main St, and now it was middayish and overcast. By the time we got to the east end of Main St, we were walking, and in addition, the temperature and humidity were just right that all the birds (mostly doves, a few owls) sitting on the buildings and the power lines were steaming. It was pretty funny to see. At the east end of Main St we bore left (as one does IRL to get to my house) and there was a Swiss house with a steaming owl on it, and simultaneously we walked from the gray warm weather into a snowy winter’s night (I think you could actually see back to the day area from the night area), illuminated by one streetlight to the northeast, and at that point we were basically in Switzerland, in Appenzell or the Emmental I guess. I could see back to Main St and it was a pretty scene. There was no more road the rest of the way so we had to walk down a big grassy slope to a lower flat area through the snow and that’s all I remember.

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