the apartment

I have vivid memory of my most recent dream at this point. Also, an earlier one was where Joe (thr.) was giving a poetry recital in what was like Thompson Chapel except he was kind of in the entryway (which was smaller than RL) and people were just kind of casually gathered around, some, like me, just through the door in the nave. Jolly good show.

But the most recent one was set in an apartment in a large apartment building (a high-rise) in Adams, MA. (I read a NYTimes article about balconies & terraces in the city, which has got to be why the high-rise.) I know it was Adams because when you looked out the windows you could see the steep face of Mt. Greylock taking up most of the view, albeit a cliffier, beiger version of it. The time was latish evening. There was a large gathering (now that I think of it, this apartment morphed from a larger gym-like space, but I don’t remember much of that part) there and it seemed like most all of my senior Williams friends were there.

The plan of the apartment was a lot like the downstairs of a house just up the road from here IRL; there was a kitchen that you came into first (from the north side), with a work desk at the south (window) side, and a door just to its left that led out to the balcony and external stairways. Oddly (in a this-would-be-odd-IRL-yet-in-the-dream-I-gave-it-nary-a-2nd-thought way), the inside of the apartment was very rustic-looking, with rough exposed posts and a worked-up fabricky interior in the living room, whereas when you went outside it was clear that the exterior of the building was a concrete and metal behemoth.

Anyway, for a while people were mingling and hanging around all the different rooms, and there were a bunch of pets (mostly dogs) there too. I saw Mt. Greylock lit up through the windows, just kind of the lower part of it in a fluorescent-like light, as if the only light source were the apartment, but it was really the whole town that was lighting it up. I went outside to get a better look. I could go as far as a pair of shoulder-high metal-screen gates; beyond that there were concrete stairs, but to go past the gates I would have to set a timer mechanism (which included a yellow turning handle) on the gates that would unlock them but then set off an alarm if I didn’t return in time, for security reasons. I didn’t want to bother with that, so I just leaned up against the gates and looked out at the view. I looked to the left of center and thought “heh, that actually is southwest, it’s not that it just feels like it” which of course means that looking directly out was due west. But consistent with the interior directions of the house, it FELT like south (though I could change the feeling to west), so I was actually lying to myself before. West is, of course, the RL direction in which one would look toward Greylock from Adams.

To my right was a metal screen going all the way up to the next floor’s balconies, which separated the apartment from the next one over. While I was out there, a girl and some of her friends came out of the adjacent apartment, she arguing with her father about something. They kept arguing for a while out there and eventually I went back inside to keep from feeling more awkward than I already was. When I turned to go back in, I noticed more stairs and landings, all covered by that non-slip rubber matting with circular holes, to the east (south?) of the apartment and also directly above its ceiling.

Subsequently every single person but me was in the family room watching The Shining, but I had zero interest in that (as I heard several people comment to one another), so I hung out at the desk sketching. After I got bored with that I flitted into the living room but all the pets were asleep. I wanted a lot of lights on in the kitchen (and there was a ridiculous number to choose from) so I wouldn’t be scared of the movie, but had to be considerate of the movie watchers, so I only kept a select few lights on. Once the movie was over, I was like “Yay!” but then that was pretty much when I woke up too. Below is a plan of the apartment for reference.


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