two o’clock

Boo, I got distracted again this morning. Luckily for everyone I still remember a few fragments from my sprawlingly extensive sleep’s dreams.

1. I was in my room at 2:00 PM (my clock said so) (amazingly, it is almost exactly 2PM as I write this) and was surprised to see the sun coming in (albeit at a slant) from my window, which is east-facing. It was also, I believe, coming in the west-facing window in the adjacent hall, oddly. My room had a much taller ceiling and was sleek and white. (I may end up getting a lot of architectural inspiration from remembered dreams, I bet.) But I turned away for a few seconds and when I looked back at the clock it was 2:08 and the sun was no longer coming in the bedroom window, which albeit does make more sense, but I was like “where did the time go” and “what gives?”

2. I was in my cabin in Maine but the cabin pretty much consisted entirely of open-ish bunkbeds (letting light through between their boards; the whole place had a diffuse warm light) that all had stuff like maybe fabric or household items hanging from them, except there was a longitudinal aisle in the middle (running N-S). I was in one of the bunks at one point.

3. It was a Novemberish/Decemberish day and I was in a car with Joe (throughc.) and Hue and maybe Lisetta and possibly even more people (who knows) and Joe was driving (since he can now), and we parked or left from (I forget which; it is hazy) the parking lot of a brick establishment looking out over a wooded area below to the south. At another point, the same group of people was walking east along a path in maybe the same woods and other stuff happened but I forget it. I found five dollars though! No I didn’t. Isn’t it weird, continuing along the lines of yesterday’s entry, that I seem to forget almost everything else before I forget the directional sense of my dreams.

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