Monthly Archives: July 2006


1. I was driving toward Boston and the city’s infrastructure on approach was basically condensed to 2 4-way stop intersections; one apparently was the suburbs intersection and the next one was the very center of the city.

2. I went to Williams, as I should be doing this evening, and
a. I was visiting the botany class and took a grammar test along with the actual class members;
b. I was at an outside hangout on a lawn with a building to the west, trees to the south, and Water St to the east, and was catching up with sixth-grade teachers from my middle school; it was a lightly overcast day and breezy;
c. I was getting into my pyjamas and it was about 9:30 and this was at my bedside at home even though I was at school, and I realized I had forgotten to pick Neal up and was all “alack how could I be so stupid.”

Red Line

It was my first day of work in the fall and it must have been cold because I was wearing a wool hat and a long coat. Also I had an iPod and headphones on, which is weird because that’s pretty much the last thing I would wear walking around the city. Anyway, I was at the T in the downtown station where all the lines come together (it doesn’t actually exist) and I bought my Red Line pass, and then I struggled for a while to find the Red Line itself to commute to work on (even though this was downtown and work is downtown. Who knows.)

Maine highlights

1. I was checking out the room in the apartment I’ll probably be living in this year and it was a lot bigger than expected and had a very large heavy winged wood table in the middle, plus a big wood desk, and a large porch off the corner of the room. It does have a balcony IRL.

2. Another night, I was being pursued by a chipmunk and I had to snag it and hold it off from biting me.

gas station

1. I was in Puerto Rico or something and was at something like a gas station or airport with a high-up canopy with some of the internal steel structure exposed.
2. I was in a more rustic building somewhere else at another point?
3. That is all I remember, which is a little pathetic.

war games

Special Williamstown edition. I did not dream about pronunciation reform last night, although I did think about it a lot going to bed. There was a bunch of stuff going on in my dreams but kind of all I remember at this point is:

1. Hancock’s Old Home Days 5K had its route changed for the 2nd time in a year and people thought this was a stupid idea. Which it was.

2. There was a bus, or was it a motel, and some people were maybe travelling somewhere, and at one point it was stormy, and at another point it was like they were filming a studio shot on top of the bus/train within some sort of semi-open building and the light was all blue and purple, but something was going wrong? This is what happens when you sleep in a hot room, people.

3. I was driving with my parents in the car and part of the trip was getting from Nashua to Keene and when I turned left at one particular intersection, a police car was oncoming in its left lane, i.e. headed straight for me, but I got by it, and then the road seemed to turn into a gravel pit with people, including small children, playing medieval war games! I think this is a metaphor for the construction on Hoxsey St. Especially the small children.


Some interesting things last night:
1. Are You Being Served? was happening and I was sometimes in the middle of the action and sometimes I think watching it as on TV.
2. I was at home at night and to the right of the bathroom hallway was a subtly red-glowing huge Martian circuit board and to the left out my bedroom window was, in the sky, high up some green aurora borealis, below that another red circuity zone, and on the road was a truck with its front end kind of banged up just parked there idling with some lights on inside. Then the driver backed around the driveway and up and left.

affordable housing

The part I remember still is being in what I guess was a suburban affordable housing development, not really high-density enough for me to call it a sensible design if it were IRL, but that’s probably because it was based on the actual low-density Pineridge development in Peterborough. Anyway, there were maybe some newcomers who were tending to get lost because of all the interconnected roads, and then our house, or at least property with a building on it, was more like a white wooden garage/barn with an open trussed ceiling in a niche cut out of the woods away from the road, and there were more identical barns next to it.

I was in a building on a hill

Ha, I basically remember nothing from last night at this point except for being in a building on a hill. Whatever. Hardly even worth posting about. There was, however, a building on a hill, and I was in it during my dreams last night.


– I was at our family friends’ place in Maine near our cabin where they have a bunch of land and also a pond. There was a ginormous family reunion happening there, must have been hundreds of people, and I could recognize strong family resemblances within different clans in the group.

– I was cleaning out my hutch (like the cupboards they have in Mission) and so were the other Green Up people, as though it were the end of the school year, yet this was taking place in my house.


I forget everything except that I was riding in a bus, sitting in the front right seat, and two seats behind me, all in the same seat, were Triple Threat, Adro, Century, and Showtime, and Adro pulled a kind of gross prank on Century, but it was a hilarious time. Actually I think Geoff was originally spotted in a construction vehicle at an intersection making some sort of stupid giddy expression at the bus but he then materialized inside the bus.