let me stand next to your fire

Know what’s dumb is that for the first time in a while I actually remembered a lot of what happened in my dreams as of the first few minutes of waking this morning, but then I got to reading comics and cooking stuff and now it’s 1PM and I’ve forgotten one of the three dream pieces I earlier remembered in pretty good detail and have lost details of the other two. If I remember the third though I will go aback and edit this. I still remember some good stuff though, so here we go.

First off, I was walking on a country road heading north, with a field to the left, and the weather was very dark overcast, almost twilighty it was so dark, and there was a kind of knoll/hump at the northwest end of the field. The knoll was glowing some and I thought it might be smoldering. I went over to it and it turned out the knoll contained an underground wooden house. Indeed the house was on fire, but the entryway wasn’t, so in there I grabbed the fire extinguisher and got it ready to shoot at the flames on the other side of the door as soon as I opened it. I opened the door and extinguished the flames while getting progressively further and further into the house until I eventually got to a nice post-and-beam high-ceilinged living room on a higher level than where I was standing, and by that point I had doused (ha) all the flames, and the inhabitants of the house, who I think were people I know IRL but I don’t remember who they are, thanked me, and I seem to remember one of them amusedly telling me that the fire extinguisher I used had in fact been really low on, um, extinguishing stuff, yet I was able to put out the whole fire with it. Yay for me.

Thother part that I remember at this point is that it was around graduation time and my parents and I were staying in a suite of a dorm or a hotel that was basically identical to the Greylock dorms in structure, except this suite was naturally at least twice as big as a real Greylock dorm room. Also it was at the southwest end of campus (which IRL is southeast), and the suite’s windows faced north (which IRL is west. My directional sense on campus has always been 90 degrees wrong.) At at least one point, it was earlyish morning, with the sun shining in from the northeast. And, well, that’s all I actually remember from this part, I don’t actually remember any action that happened.

It’s worth noting as an addendum that I have a built-in sense of direction wherever I am, and this sense is often wrong, as when I’m at Williams, but it’s always there. I can force myself to imagine a place in a different direction frame than what I intuitively feel, and it alters the mood of the place significantly for me. Some spots on campus I actually prefer with the real directions, but I haven’t been able to change my automatic sense to the real directions. Interestingly, in most places in Williamstown besides campus, my sense of direction is correct. The direction sense is also always present in my dreams.

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