At one point, I dreamt that a whole town was being razed – buildings, vegetation, everything – to be left as bare soil. I forget what the reason for this was, but the government, antagonistic as always these days, was behind it. My parents and I were at the house of some family friends in this town, and the adjacent lot was already being scraped away by a bulldozer. I was infuriated that the same thing was going to happen to our friends’ house. On the north side of the house was a large slow stream that seemed to sort of be inside and maybe the house’s basement was actually partly over it, and there was a dock or something on it that we had to keep from floating away or something.

Later, a bunch of friends and I were in what seems to have been a public building one afternoon and one of them was pregnant. Oddly, I don’t actually know who this was, maybe she was made up. Anyway, it seemed like she really needed to get to the hospital because she was having contractions, but no one seemed to be making anything of it, so soon I volunteered to drive her over. While I was waiting at the hospital, there was a library shelf in the waiting room and I was sitting on one of the shelves between the stacks of books. This all sounds far more bizarre than it seemed when I was actually dreaming it.

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