For most of what I remember from last night’s dreams, I was with a bunch of Williams friends and other people I knew.

– Some of us explored the section of the property around my family’s cabin in Maine that we call the back 40. It seemed like late afternoon but the sun was shining low in what is IRL the easterly direction.

– The Odd Quad was a parking lot, and smaller than it really is; I was there at night, inside and outside of some vehicle. At one point Rogo, Corey, and Grant, in that order, came out of Prospect and biked by me.

– The lot of us were staying in some large building that I think moved and transported us like a bus to some other location and back once a day. I think we all went swimming once a day too, a clear reference to doing the same in Maine over the past week IRL.

– The same group turned out to have a lot of XC people in it and Pete split up people by heats of 5 people each to do a 400s workout; each person in a heat was specifically of a different speed, so that’s kind of counterintuitive on reflection. He had the groups written out on playing cards. We went to the track and it was actually my high school track, and it was at night.

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