Maine report

Back from Maine; I didn’t make a point of remembering much of my dreams there, but I remember a few things:

– I was taking the botany final and it was an all-field-ID final, and I was all on my own up on the Hopper trail where we looked at plantain-leaf sedges. Then I was in a building that seemed like Bronfman, looking for a bathroom.

– A different night, I dreamt that Robin was getting a degree in dance at MIT, and he and a bunch of other friends and I were at a dance club somewhere that was pretty dark except for linear neon lighting and stuff, and there were some people sitting at a bar, and the girl on the right end of the bar turned into a lion and people had to be fed to her. Um. Anyway, later, I entered Currier, or a dorm like it, and there was a line of people all the way up the stairwell (which was lighter-colored and better-lit than the real ones) but only on the right side of the steps so I just proceeded up to my room, because that’s where I needed to go, whereas all the other people were doing something else.

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