Stoneys Ledge

– There was a big post-and-beam house in a nice woods location. There was a set of movie actors who hung out there who for fun liked to divide into two even (and populated in a parallel way) groups and fight mock wars against each other. What’s going on.

– Later it was in Williamstown shortly before graduation (naturally) and there was a big intersection on the east end of town that looked like a freeway intersection. It was built by Cambridge Seven Architects. (Cuz, you know, they build roads, cuz that’s what architects do.) A large side road named Stoneys Ledge Rd also came out to it and there was some important building on it, but I forget what that was. Also people including seniors, Williams underclassmen, and college senior friends from my high school were gathered in a classroom with round tables taking pictures and generally congratulating my class on graduating. Or maybe it was outside.

IRL in Maine till Sunday, I think, so highlights from up there after that!

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