EOYD #4: Mishmash

I can’t seem to get away from the end of the school year in my dreams. That’s weird. Although as I was falling asleep, I visualized a repetitive activity I’d been doing during the day, as I am wont to do, and in this case it was shopping at Hannaford. But after that, all kinds of school-related stuff came into play. This is not in dreamological order:

– Some Williams students and parents were on a schoolbus in the rain (buses are getting to be a theme) and we arrived at some kind of chamber that one could drive through, not exactly like a tunnel, but it was totally flooded and we didn’t want to ruin the bus, so we backed back out, but then we noticed that after we backed out, the water level was lower because we’d displaced a bunch out with the bus. So we just went back in and I think the water level was low enough by then to make it through. This is all a bit Freudian, now that I write it down here, but I’m not convinced it’s actually symbolic of anything more lecherous than a rainy-day bus ride.

– I had finals again and commutative algebra turned out to be a collaborative one – you could discuss the problems with whoever you wanted – and also Neal was in the class in addition to everyone else, and the place was definitely somewhere other than Bronfman. It must have been that there was a time where we were all supposed to be there in the classroom to be able to work on it together, but apparently it wasn’t required to be there because I had to explain the collaborative nature of the test to Dan later.

– There was some sort of game or toy where one had these thick wires that were supposed to be usable as tracks for vehicles. I couldn’t figure out how to make it work though at all. I came back to the room it was in later and people had made vehicles with guidewheels made out of the same wire, and I was like “aha!”

– There was a party in a concrete building with round stairwells, like Mission but more warehouse- or garage-like with a big club on one of the floors. This was happening like the night of finals being due and we got there at about quarter of 1 in the morning (after a van ride in the rain with XC people and a couple ’05 grads) (rides in the rain are definitely a theme) and I was tired and still had to finish my algebra and some other stuff too, so I didn’t stick around long. I went back and that was when I made my discovery about the wire-track toy.

– Later, it seems like I was just procrastinating, not wanting to face the work I had to do, but somehow it was daytime right next to the ocean and I was right on the rocky shore but sort of inside a house as well that had a long small closet-like room with one wall open on the sea side. I had a Supersoaker and kept shooting it out toward the ocean (it kind of misted the water rather than shooting a stream) but I realized I was using freshwater and that was kind of a waste, so I started just filling the Supersoaker up with water from the ocean. I shot some at the walls of the house too. This has some amusing Freudian interpretation possibilities too, but again it doesn’t actually seem to me to be correlated that way.

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