The action took place mostly around Senior Week, I think. There was some sort of game thing, with my point of view like a movie viewer or video game player, where there was a room that had the feel of a small hotel function room with one side that had a bit of an enclave, and there was this pink rubber ball that would fly all around the room and land buzzing in a metal receptacle (like a water fountain) with some kind of lever that you would have to hit (with the ball perhaps?) before the introduction to Brother Rapp (by James Brown, obvi) finished playing. It all had to do with relationships, I think. Man that’s bizarre. There was a large number of people in the room too.

Later on all the seniors were staying at a big mansion (most likely a parallel of Mt. Hope) that seemed to be quite a ways away from campus, because what I remember of this part (besides the stairways and halls of the building, which I think were actually based on the basement of Currier) is that everyone had to get a bus to the airport in Charlotte (everyone had started to walk there, which was an annoying distance, and then everyone was even more annoyed when they had to turn back around after discovering they would be transported by bus from the mansion. This is more and more clearly related to the Mt. Hope dinner, on reexamination.) My parents arrived or were there and we looked at the map and it looked like it actually take less time just to drive home than to get the bus to Charlotte and then fly back. Y’know, just like 4 hours or something.

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