des voyages

What I remember from last night is a group of fragments in two parts, separated by going to the bathroom around dawn. Both parts mostly seemed organized around the theme of trips.

The first part overall seemed to be (or at least when this actually was the subject, it made it seem like the whole dream had been about this) a couple or few guys who were taking a road trip on a locomotive. Not in a locomotive; on a locomotive. A compact, slow-moving one, albeit, so not all that dangerous. I was not actually involved in the action here; it was like I was watching a movie. At one point, the locomotive was moving along next to a wire fence and one of the guys on the locomotive got kind of snagged on the fence. Shortly after that, some middle-school-age kids appeared, and I think they were on some sort of mind-conditioning drug. Then I seemed to look at a comic strip about other middle-school-age kids sitting around in a classroom talking to each other, totally drunk. What gives. I don’t know. That was just a tiny part of the dream, just one that understandably stuck in my mind.

The other bits from the first part that I remember are:

1. I was in a kind of rustic building with a number of people, and in the room there was also a dome-shaped frame, about as tall as the ceiling, made out of overlapping wide brown wood strips, which was pretty cool. I obtained a pencil drawing of the arrangement of people and dome-shaped frame inside the room, which I was psyched about because it was a great souvenir to remember the event by.

2. There was a machine somewhere else that took mathematical plots (either point sets or curves? I forget) and added in fractal point sets based on the original plot. You could choose from all sorts of fractal types. Then you could zoom in and out to your heart’s content. Some other guys and I tried holding down the zoom-in on one pattern and it was all kinds of crazy! One frame looked like this
except imagine that zooming in and strobing and changing shape and the white parts being really bright and stuff.

The second part involved a trip including me and a whole bunch of Williams friends and assorted parents, though I don’t really remember specifics on who. The identity of the location seemed to vary between Williamstown, Switzerland, and other places. When it was Williamstown, we were staying in an inn or something that was long enough to stretch into Pownal and then to have a little-known telephone room that you reached by going into Pownal inside the building but then taking a road to the left and just barely going back across the border into Williamstown.

While it was Switzerland, the place had a set of cablecars running in the vicinity; one went from a station southwest of my vantage point to a station high on a mountain to the northeast. Due north, the view was of another peak with the land sloping in stages up to it, and it had a large castle at the top. This seems extremely familiar, but I can’t quite place why.

Also my parents and I were using the Saab for the trip and at one point I had to give both car keys to my mom, but someone else’s mom had an extra key to our car (even though it looked suspiciously like my Currier room key). Wow, thanks! How convenient.

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