Last night’s dreams mostly seemed to have to do with the end of the school year. I only remember a few fragments. Earlyish, I dreamt I was still at Williams, except the campus was more urban, British, snowy, and generally Dickensian than in reality. Later, it was Senior Week or something, and I suddenly realized that I had missed the final two botany labs, or so I thought. That turned out not to be so, luckily, but it WAS true that algebra, botany, and syntax meetings had continued beyond the time that we in Prospect had to move to Currier, and this was I think Monday after that when I realized this, and so I had missed two botany and algebra classes each and also a syntax class. This was most frustrating. At any rate, I made sure to attend Monday’s algebra class; it was held in what looked like a big storage room in a high school – dark gray concrete, bare incandescent bulbs for lighting, high school desks. On the following Wednesday, it must have then been, I was packing early in the morning in my purple shirt & light gold tie (since of course it was Senior Week, and I wore those throughout Senior Week IRL) but realized I had to get to algebra by 9. I scraped in just in time; I could tell because the music was just winding down.

After that, in a different circumstance, I was in a T station in Boston, right around where the Orange, Red, and Green lines intersect, and I was so pleased that the architecture firm I want to work at next year was located at that excellently central location that I wrote up instruction sheets to that effect and printed them out of a soda vending machine to put up on the walls. I always have the public’s needs in mind!

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