Deliciously feverish!

Is this a retarded journal about dreams, or a journal about retarded dreams? You be the judge:

I remember lots from last night. Much of the action throughout the time took place in an inside/outside space of variable size that was a smooth fusion of secret garden next to a big stone church, parking lot, not-so-secret garden either in my backyard or on Isle Royale, nasty old rec room, and theater (sorry, theatre) grounds. Here are some highlights of what went down there:

1. Non-secret garden: It was around twilight and I found lots of great plants in it, including Cornus canadensis, which was a lot smaller-leaved and had more lilac-like flowers and less dogwood-like leaves than I was expecting. I also found a bunch of stuffed animals, all of which ended up arranged by me on or around the gates.

2. Parking lot/theatre grounds: This was about midday. I arrived with Bill, Grant, and some other XC guys in the boxy 80s car, had a somewhat tough time finding a parking spot, got up to some crazy antics, went to the somewhat labyrinthine bathroom, and entered the theatre. We didn’t even need to show our tickets. What!

3. Secret garden/nasty old rec room:

First, some background. For a while I was in another place entirely, which was an expansive open area with flat lawn as far as the eye could see and an asphalt road or path running E/W through it. It felt like part of an area of urban open space. I was sitting on the road facing east and was trying to notice the moon going through its blue shift on its path from east to west and its green shift on its path from north to south. Then the moon was the sun and I could see alternating strips of blue and white lying across the sky and that was great because I could basically see the reason for the blue shifts! But then the white areas turned out to be clouds. Still cool-looking, but not what I was looking for.

So anyway, “back at the ranch,” which had some windows between parts of it but pretty much no roof still, all of a sudden the sun made a repeat appearance. It was really low on the horizon (or maybe in the living room) and was crackling and glowing all kinds of crazy orange and pink and was casting that light all around it. So of course I made sure to get a close-up pic of it with my digital camera. Later on, it sounded like there was a big dance going on (with Celtic music, possibly). BUT WHERE? I investigated a nearby room after the noise stopped and it was just a nasty old rec room, which by the deteriorated state of the furniture and the age of the cheese and meat buckets on the high table therein, clearly could not have hosted a party merely minutes previous.

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