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let me stand next to your fire

Know what’s dumb is that for the first time in a while I actually remembered a lot of what happened in my dreams as of the first few minutes of waking this morning, but then I got to reading comics and cooking stuff and now it’s 1PM and I’ve forgotten one of the three dream pieces I earlier remembered in pretty good detail and have lost details of the other two. If I remember the third though I will go aback and edit this. I still remember some good stuff though, so here we go.

First off, I was walking on a country road heading north, with a field to the left, and the weather was very dark overcast, almost twilighty it was so dark, and there was a kind of knoll/hump at the northwest end of the field. The knoll was glowing some and I thought it might be smoldering. I went over to it and it turned out the knoll contained an underground wooden house. Indeed the house was on fire, but the entryway wasn’t, so in there I grabbed the fire extinguisher and got it ready to shoot at the flames on the other side of the door as soon as I opened it. I opened the door and extinguished the flames while getting progressively further and further into the house until I eventually got to a nice post-and-beam high-ceilinged living room on a higher level than where I was standing, and by that point I had doused (ha) all the flames, and the inhabitants of the house, who I think were people I know IRL but I don’t remember who they are, thanked me, and I seem to remember one of them amusedly telling me that the fire extinguisher I used had in fact been really low on, um, extinguishing stuff, yet I was able to put out the whole fire with it. Yay for me.

Thother part that I remember at this point is that it was around graduation time and my parents and I were staying in a suite of a dorm or a hotel that was basically identical to the Greylock dorms in structure, except this suite was naturally at least twice as big as a real Greylock dorm room. Also it was at the southwest end of campus (which IRL is southeast), and the suite’s windows faced north (which IRL is west. My directional sense on campus has always been 90 degrees wrong.) At at least one point, it was earlyish morning, with the sun shining in from the northeast. And, well, that’s all I actually remember from this part, I don’t actually remember any action that happened.

It’s worth noting as an addendum that I have a built-in sense of direction wherever I am, and this sense is often wrong, as when I’m at Williams, but it’s always there. I can force myself to imagine a place in a different direction frame than what I intuitively feel, and it alters the mood of the place significantly for me. Some spots on campus I actually prefer with the real directions, but I haven’t been able to change my automatic sense to the real directions. Interestingly, in most places in Williamstown besides campus, my sense of direction is correct. The direction sense is also always present in my dreams.


At one point, I dreamt that a whole town was being razed – buildings, vegetation, everything – to be left as bare soil. I forget what the reason for this was, but the government, antagonistic as always these days, was behind it. My parents and I were at the house of some family friends in this town, and the adjacent lot was already being scraped away by a bulldozer. I was infuriated that the same thing was going to happen to our friends’ house. On the north side of the house was a large slow stream that seemed to sort of be inside and maybe the house’s basement was actually partly over it, and there was a dock or something on it that we had to keep from floating away or something.

Later, a bunch of friends and I were in what seems to have been a public building one afternoon and one of them was pregnant. Oddly, I don’t actually know who this was, maybe she was made up. Anyway, it seemed like she really needed to get to the hospital because she was having contractions, but no one seemed to be making anything of it, so soon I volunteered to drive her over. While I was waiting at the hospital, there was a library shelf in the waiting room and I was sitting on one of the shelves between the stacks of books. This all sounds far more bizarre than it seemed when I was actually dreaming it.


At one point, a bunch of friends and I went into a Burger King which looked a lot more like a convenience store, but it was a Burger King and even though the sign said it opened on Thursdays only at 10AM and we were there at 7AM, they opened up for us. Shop at Burger King!

The only other parts I recall are two separate instances of being in auditoriums; I know they were different ones because one faced west (like Bronfman) and the other faced east. In the west-facing one, I remember having the impulse to breakdance up in the back. It recalled the What A Feeling screening. In the east-facing one, one of the female a cappella groups was editing a music film of their songs, I think. Curious.


Everything is muddled. A lot of the time the setting was a forested area, I think. There was a point at which I was playing my synth, I think (which I was IRL yesterday and also I might have internalized Al Kooper’s account of playing the electric organ in Bob Dylan’s band in the No Direction Home film). There was going to a red house several times that could have been in Williamstown or Maine. That’s all I got.


For most of what I remember from last night’s dreams, I was with a bunch of Williams friends and other people I knew.

– Some of us explored the section of the property around my family’s cabin in Maine that we call the back 40. It seemed like late afternoon but the sun was shining low in what is IRL the easterly direction.

– The Odd Quad was a parking lot, and smaller than it really is; I was there at night, inside and outside of some vehicle. At one point Rogo, Corey, and Grant, in that order, came out of Prospect and biked by me.

– The lot of us were staying in some large building that I think moved and transported us like a bus to some other location and back once a day. I think we all went swimming once a day too, a clear reference to doing the same in Maine over the past week IRL.

– The same group turned out to have a lot of XC people in it and Pete split up people by heats of 5 people each to do a 400s workout; each person in a heat was specifically of a different speed, so that’s kind of counterintuitive on reflection. He had the groups written out on playing cards. We went to the track and it was actually my high school track, and it was at night.

Maine report

Back from Maine; I didn’t make a point of remembering much of my dreams there, but I remember a few things:

– I was taking the botany final and it was an all-field-ID final, and I was all on my own up on the Hopper trail where we looked at plantain-leaf sedges. Then I was in a building that seemed like Bronfman, looking for a bathroom.

– A different night, I dreamt that Robin was getting a degree in dance at MIT, and he and a bunch of other friends and I were at a dance club somewhere that was pretty dark except for linear neon lighting and stuff, and there were some people sitting at a bar, and the girl on the right end of the bar turned into a lion and people had to be fed to her. Um. Anyway, later, I entered Currier, or a dorm like it, and there was a line of people all the way up the stairwell (which was lighter-colored and better-lit than the real ones) but only on the right side of the steps so I just proceeded up to my room, because that’s where I needed to go, whereas all the other people were doing something else.

Stoneys Ledge

– There was a big post-and-beam house in a nice woods location. There was a set of movie actors who hung out there who for fun liked to divide into two even (and populated in a parallel way) groups and fight mock wars against each other. What’s going on.

– Later it was in Williamstown shortly before graduation (naturally) and there was a big intersection on the east end of town that looked like a freeway intersection. It was built by Cambridge Seven Architects. (Cuz, you know, they build roads, cuz that’s what architects do.) A large side road named Stoneys Ledge Rd also came out to it and there was some important building on it, but I forget what that was. Also people including seniors, Williams underclassmen, and college senior friends from my high school were gathered in a classroom with round tables taking pictures and generally congratulating my class on graduating. Or maybe it was outside.

IRL in Maine till Sunday, I think, so highlights from up there after that!


I don’t recall all that much from last night. Kind of the only thing that is a clear enough memory to write about is that I was in a big swampy lake (shallow enough to walk everywhere in) at late twilight proceeding into darkness, and I and the group of people I was exploring with got to the western shore and then there appeared hunters behind us who we were careful to stay out of the shooting range of. When they fired, the only way we could see them was by the dual bright white/pinkish lights from the ends of the double barrels.

Oh yeah! I remember another thing now after seeing a rainy scene on a Switzerland webcam. I was somewhere rural with open fields around and I and some people I knew were on a hilly area in the late afternoon, and a band of storms came through that were heavy enough to spawn tornadoes. We didn’t actually get hit by any, but we were definitely in the middle of a small cyclonic cell for a few minutes, like a small eye of a hurricane. Then when the squall headed on, the clouds had very discrete, blocky forms with the signature arcus (shelf clouds) of heavy T-storms extending underneath them, and one of the clouds might have actually produced a spout, but by then they were beyond us to the east and the sun was shining again so I didn’t care.


I sort of only remember one particularly gruesome episode of my dreams last night where I and other people I knew were staying in a hotel in the countryside and there were decapitations happening and bodies being cooked in a woodstove afterward. There was an employee of the hotel who was explaining this to us and kept making these buzzing saw sounds in description. For some reason, I didn’t suspect that he was the culprit right away, but after a while it became clear that it was him, and everyone wanted to get out but we didn’t leave for some reason, but luckily I woke up before a similar fate befell anyone I knew.

I don’t remember that much when I fell back asleep after that except that I was playing some kind of virtual-reality game hosted on that took me into a creepy house where I went into a wide room and found a pan on a table, and when I touched the pan there were all sorts of creepy results, but I don’t remember them. All in a all a winner of a night.


I don’t remember terribly much from last night but the few things I do remember are rather choice, and this is perhaps an optimal state in terms of entertainment value anyway. I think the general time setting of all of these was, once again, around the end of the school year.

1. I was staying in a small cabin in the woods that was part of a group of cabins; the woods sloped sharply down to the east. I was brushing my teeth one evening (the place to do this was on a deck on the east side) and put my toothpaste back on the shelf. Said shelf just happened to also slope down to the east, which seemed normal, but anyway it caused my toothpaste to fall off the shelf and onto the ground and proceed quickly down the hill. I was like “oh, darn” and scrambled down after it. Luckily the sharp slope didn’t continue far; there was a campground right nearby in that direction; first I passed by a few tents and eventually got down to a kind of open bowl-shaped area of the woods where a lot of people were just in their sleeping bags out in the open, already asleep pretty much. I searched around with my LED flashlight for my toothpaste, kind of dancing around the people to avoid stepping on them, and eventually found it lodged in a box of someone else’s toiletries. I retrieved it and went back up to the cabin and heard some official people talking to each other saying thank goodness it was just someone getting his toothpaste, they had thought it was some drunken camper causing a disruption.

2. One morning (the next morning?) I got up and decided to go running first thing. I decided on Northwest Hill but wanted to turn onto a side road to the right that turned back toward campus and came back out on NW Hill, so that the run would only be maybe 7 miles instead of 10. But the side road was really partly only a farm driveway, which was probably why I hadn’t run it before. I decided to investigate whether it was prudent to run it on the lower end of the road, and lo and behold a big yellow dog from the farm came trotting toward me to chase me and I had to jump up on it and stay there to keep it from biting me. I rode it back out to NW Hill and maybe I woke up after that because I don’t remember anything else.

3. There were Williams seniors and their families around what seemed to be like my high school. Also my friend Ben from high school was there with his family, and possibly there were other members of my high school XC team around. There was a gettogether happening in one of the classrooms, and for it Ben’s family had brought a huge dark-blue plastic bowl, sort of shaped like a jello mold, filled with Mexican layered dip, I think, except it really wasn’t anything of the sort; it was more like a sort of tiramisu with sliced almonds sprinkled around the edge inside the bowl. When I say huge, I mean about 3′ tall and quite possibly 8′ in diameter. It took up a good part of the room. The dip was familiar to no one but everyone thought it was excellent.