double dove

I had acquired two ring doves, a male and a female. They seemed to maybe each have part of the name of my old RL dove. I put their cages next to each other, on maybe a coffee table covered with a towel or cloth, maybe after dark, in warm interior light. They snapped at one another for a while but eventually seemed to make peace. I maybe had them out of the cages to roam around upstairs later.

double Monadnock

I was up on a mountain due north of Monadnock (much like Monadnock itself); it was a cloudy day. I was looking across at Monadnock, which seemed to have a bubbly-rocky cliff facing me that was part of the Pumpelly Ridge, but then it (I think) turned out to be a white bridge spanning between the mountains. An east-west highway ran between them under the bridge. Toward the west foot of the mountains was a sprawled commercial area straddling the highway; another road crossed it at a traffic light there. I (and whoever I was accompanying) was subsequently at that intersection.

no park 4 u

I was riding in the car with my parents. We turned left onto a highway up north in NH at a T intersection. It was a misty day. I thought to myself that the location was uncannily like the NH dream I’d just had (IRL, see previous entry). Later, on the same road maybe, but further north/east: the road went down a long steep hill to the east, and I had to drive up and down it a few times for some reason, looking for maybe a state park entrance to the south on the upper end of the hill. The hill was super-dark and it was nighttime but for some reason the other cars going by (only about one per climb/descent) didn’t have their headlights on. At the top of the hill it was late sunny afternoon. I drove further back west/south at one point on the road past the top of the hill, around a sharp curve, looking for the park entrance, then pulled a U just after the sharp curve; I went back, still couldn’t find the park entrance, but did see a chained-off way that seemed in the right location. I went back down the hill and ended up on the shore, maybe the seacoast, in the late morning. A big pebbly open area was to the south of the road/parking lot, with an info center or something near the middle and water to the south beyond, maybe to the east as well, but there were some woods to the east anyway, with land also visible further across the water to the south. There were lots of visitors there, all in T-shirts and shorts pretty much, while I was in my office clothes.

Worcester, NH

In Worcester, NH, a town located somewhere up north, in a woodsy/fieldsy rural area, was a derelict old house, quite large, sort of cubic in massing with a hip roof but with smaller volumes attached to it. Its walls had large holes in a bunch of places, its windows broken or gone, the paint was peeling, it was totally abandoned; yet it was the headquarters of (I think) some sort of construction-materials company, nominally — a photo it was shown in a catalog or pamphlet from the company that I was looking at, calling it the HQ even though it was shown in its present state. While I was on location near the house, dark clouds were hanging heavy and the light was dim, as if heralding a thunderstorm, but I don’t remember there being any sign of thunder. The house was on the north side of an east-west state highway with woods behind and a view a ways out to the east, with maybe a field with woods beyond on the south side of the road.

hospital renovation

I walked into the local NH hospital; a renovation was happening — the first floor suite’s doors and many partition walls had been removed, so now all the suites and rooms were open to view, and I walked down the former hallway of the regular one, then figured maybe I shouldn’t be there during construction (though there was no construction activity happening or anyone else around, and no debris or staging) so I turned around and left. The suite was lit only by rather dim diffuse artificial light from the side.

beach plans

  • I was with my parents and a number of other people, including an oceanographer who was going to take us on a tour of seashores, starting with Virginia Beach. However, one of the other tour members, a guy we knew, in his 50s or 60s, tall, mostly bald but with a few wisps of white curly hair and a mustache, warned that the shells there were toxic in some way, or something like that, and so the oceanographer changed plans to Old Orchard Beach instead (he also mentioned that he was very wary of aggressive dogs, but I think that was separate from Virginia Beach); the mostly-bald guy said something about Old Orchard Beach being a regular running destination for me, and I countered that it was a *little* outside my range.
  • I was at a gas station with my parents, maybe connected to the previous scene. Inside the station convenience store, which had a high ceiling, there was a stand with a bunch of stuffed animals, including a smaller version of my owl Pöllö, and it was the only one left, so I grabbed it to buy; Dad went to an empty cash register and rang it up, without anyone seeming to notice; it was $4.10 and I gave him a $5 bill, and he handed back a heavy amount of change that seemed excessive.


  • In the backyard in NH, I noticed a few sticks on the bird feeder lawn and was told by someone else nearby that part of one was actually a stick insect, but I couldn’t detect it. Suddenly it bolted away and ran around the yard, around the rock lawn, and it was alarmingly large, about a foot long and a half inch in diameter or so, with a strangely mammalian face (but I don’t recall it exactly); a small raccoon was also running around the lawn, as well as a third animal, maybe a small dog, and the people around were maybe trying to catch one or other of them, and it also seemed like the insect might bite, and it was chaos. But it was a sunny early afternoon.
  • I was inside, in a room of a house maybe, with light walls and south windows letting in bright daylight. I was looking WNW as someone showed me a music video they’d made in 1983. The video was immersive and somewhat melded with the room I was in, with similar light direction (daylight to the left) and view orientation. It took place in a train tunnel, circular in section, with closely-spaced ribs for structure around the edge. People — a coach and college team, it seemed, and maybe the creator of the video was the coach — were walking/running/dancing forth through the tunnel and also maybe riding a cart on the tracks, and also stood backed against the side of the tunnel as others went by.

space matters

While walking east in a left-turning L-shaped hallway, with windows on the south (right) wall and ahead, I found that some particularly plasticky Daleks (but various models) were right there and threatening to exterminate someone. (It was midafternoon, maybe, with bluish daylight but not sunlight.) It didn’t seem like I was in danger though — it seemed to be like an immersive documentary. The same scene then continued, but in a large gymnasium-like space with dim warm indirect daylight as from mostly-shaded golden-hour sun. A few other people were around, including a girl with a tall, stoned-surface-translucent-plastic-upturned-shade lamp on her head, in the shape of a slightly convex drinking glass, about 2′ high, and her hair, which was green I think, extended up the lampshade, but as if sprouting from it as well as from her scalp, fairly close-cropped and decreasing in length with height. The light bulb was maybe opaque orange, its color thus like that of the big tacky kind of Christmas window light, but incandescent-bulb-shaped; it transpired that she had the lamp on for a good reason, as it was some kind of electronic signaling device to space, or something like that.

hard and soft materials type ting

  • On a sunny late morning, at the south side of the boatshop, one of my WU friends was sawing off the eaves to reveal fine layers, including one fiberglass-like one, maybe per my direction; afterwards he was standing next to me on the lawn and was another WU friend instead, wearing changing-tint glasses and saying something creepy having to do with going to a store or something (jokingly tho). A few other people were around too.
  • I was inside an open-plan public or commercial building, with two floors somewhat open to each other with low ceilings but glossy light-colored finishes like maybe marble (this reminds me of RL Tapiola city hall). It was a sunny late morning again/still. I was walking east on the second floor with a number of people, then went down stairs on the east side. There was lots of glazing just below, plus a wall of variegated knit square pads to the left, ranging in size from ~2″ x 1/2″ thick to ~2′ by 6″ thick. I mentioned that they were rather fractal, maybe also in their coloration; I was also talking (or at least thinking) about how unfortunate it was that asbestos turned out to be toxic, since it was such a good insulator. On first floor, on the west edge of the stair lobby, was an alcove with columns bounding it in front, with a cubic planting pot next to one of the columns, in which were fan-fern-like things made of those waxy magenta materials that are those stalagmites you can grow in a jar. Another friend who was present explained to the people gathered what the story on them was.

walk n tune

  • I was walking around Kendall, first westward then on a side street then eastward. It was a late fall afternoon, altostratusy; I was in T-shirt and shorts, I think, though later I had a partially-zipped jacket on, while most others around were more bundled up (similar to an RL walk to Shaw’s the prior evening). I glanced inside the Garment District, which had a low, tan-brick storefront, unlike IRL. I seemed to be walking with a whole tide of people.
  • I was playing one of my tunes (“Night Reefs”) on my speakers. My roommate asked me to turn it up, and the kicks bumped real hard.